11th & 12th State CBSE Coaching Classes

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CBSE Coaching Classes Nagpur

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India.
CBSE syllabus is very important for preparations entrance exams and further courses you opt for. PROCENTRIQ focuses on building a strong foundation for entrance examinations through Coaching in an effective way.
PROCENTRIQ also make sure that a student take a right decision in choosing stream as CA, CS after 11th and 12th to make a successful career in them.
Some of our key targets for CBSE Students:
1. A student will be able to solve all the questions from NCERT.
2. A student is going to understand basic concepts well.
3. For CBSE Board examination, a student will be able to solve all types of questions that are expected in examination.
A student will be having a solid foundation for further Preparation.
All parents want their child to get the best possible education and ensure that they are well equipped with the grades required to fulfill their future ambitions. It is inevitable that a student is under an appropriate atmosphere whether being outside the school or in school. Education is the basis of every criterion that a student can imagine what his future would seem like. Under these circumstances where education needs to be as accessible and affordable along with school teaching where a child is in an atmosphere where the teacher teaches hundreds of students in a class and asks in case of any doubts and queries to be clarified after the class. The students either prefers asking to the one sitting beside or goes to the teacher finding extra time from the schedule that includes time spent in traveling to school and back to home, studying time and take a breath by spending time with friends and feel good.
If you are in a search for the best CBSE coaching institute in Nagpur then here it is at PROCENTRIQ. 11th and 12th Coaching is given here by the best professional coaches in commerce field.
The best place to learn CBSE Tuition Classes Nagpur is ProcentrIQ classes.

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Who Are We?
We are a New-Age Learning Academy focused on developing students into Intelligent and Future-Ready Professionals. Not only do we ensure that students Score Great in the exams with Awesome Results but also that the Learning is Conceptual, Fundamental & Broad-Based.

Teaching & Learning  Methodology
Our teaching methodology involves a lot of brain developing activities, intelligent and practical workshops, life-skills & a lot of technology integration which helps the student gain greater insight into their learning thereby making the education Wholesome and Integrated with Real-Life situations.

Why do we do what we do?
Because we are passionate about kindling the minds! We believe that it’s passion that lights our way to Success, Greatness and our real Potential! And when you attach Passion to your Dreams, you get yourself closer to achieving it. We Truly Believe that there is No Greatness Without Passion!