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CMA Foundation Coaching Classes in Nagpur

We at ProcentrIQ Academy provide all the trainings required to clear the level of CMA classes in Nagpur. In fact, we are one of the best classes for CMA/ ICWA in Pune. Having the best infrastructure in Nagpur, we focus on each student and have customized treatment for each of them.
A CMA is required to advice on profitable product mix, identify business risks and ensure mitigation. The employment avenues for CMAs’ are various and can range from holding key positions such as Chief Finance Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Finance Manager, etc. to Chairman, Managing Director and Finance Director in MNCs, Private and Public Sector, Central and State Government Institutions.
A CMA is a person who performs services like costing; pricing of goods or services; prepares, verifies or certifies cost accounting; and prepares related statements. A CMA’s job essentially involves an analysis of costs and to devise ways to reduce it. Apart from this, the CMA is also expected to evaluate operating efficiency and effectiveness of production and service management in different departments of an organization.
This all skills require a good knowledge, professional skills and other than academic knowledge life skills, higher thinking skills, future vision. Procentriq offers all these skills enhancement along with studies.
PROCENTRIQ top CMA foundation coaching institute in Nagpur.
Join PROCENTRIQ Commerce Academy for your sure Success in CMA / ICWA Professional. Contact us for more information about classes.
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Who Are We?
We are a New-Age Learning Academy focused on developing students into Intelligent and Future-Ready Professionals. Not only do we ensure that students Score Great in the exams with Awesome Results but also that the Learning is Conceptual, Fundamental & Broad-Based.

Teaching & Learning  Methodology
Our teaching methodology involves a lot of brain developing activities, intelligent and practical workshops, life-skills & a lot of technology integration which helps the student gain greater insight into their learning thereby making the education Wholesome and Integrated with Real-Life situations.

Why do we do what we do?
Because we are passionate about kindling the minds! We believe that it’s passion that lights our way to Success, Greatness and our real Potential! And when you attach Passion to your Dreams, you get yourself closer to achieving it. We Truly Believe that there is No Greatness Without Passion!