11th-12th Commerce Classes

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Commerce Coaching Classes Nagpur

11th & 12th Commerce Classes Nagpur

Hunting for 11th and 12th Commerce Coaching Academy in Nagpur? What are you looking for?
1. Best Coaching classes.
2. Practitioners and not mug up machines.
3. Best scoring knowledge givers.
4. Skill enhancers
5. And not theory readers.
6. Professional coaches with good experience.
Why roam from one end of Nagpur to another end visiting every small and large coaching institutes. When you have the best known coaching at middle Nagpur for 11th and 12th commerce coaching focusing on all subject of commerce state and CBSE like English Core, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics.
PROCENTRIQ is one of the best Coaching academy for 11th 12th commerce classes in Nagpur.
This coaching class unmask the students to healthy competition, by making them feel challenging as they meet peers outside the school and their hungerness for ATAR maximization increases.
ProcentrIQ makes the stimuli of students to work more in their detracting final years of HSC. ProcentrIQ teach them good values, like seriousness of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. The periodical requirement to leave the house and visit classes outside of school to study keeps students’ minds fixate on the goal at hand – it is a constant reminder of what their goals are for year 11 and 12, and what they are working towards.
ProcentrIQ Commerce Academy are here into this Field from Several Years. We are Reputed Tutions & Coaching Provider For 11th & 12th ( CBSC & State ) Students and we are dealing With the subjects like Commerce, Accounts, Secretarial Practices , Organisation Of Commerce, Economics.

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Who Are We?
We are a New-Age Learning Academy focused on developing students into Intelligent and Future-Ready Professionals. Not only do we ensure that students Score Great in the exams with Awesome Results but also that the Learning is Conceptual, Fundamental & Broad-Based.

Teaching & Learning  Methodology
Our teaching methodology involves a lot of brain developing activities, intelligent and practical workshops, life-skills & a lot of technology integration which helps the student gain greater insight into their learning thereby making the education Wholesome and Integrated with Real-Life situations.

Why do we do what we do?
Because we are passionate about kindling the minds! We believe that it’s passion that lights our way to Success, Greatness and our real Potential! And when you attach Passion to your Dreams, you get yourself closer to achieving it. We Truly Believe that there is No Greatness Without Passion!